Are you passionate about photography? Bored with shooting endless weddings and graduation photos? Can you work an old Gateway™ computer located in the back of an internet cafe? If so, then maybe you should picture yourself at reCAPTCHA by joining our Picture People Team!


  • Operate a Nikon “Coolpix” digital camera from 2009
  • Set up and execute photoshoots from the back of a speeding moped driven by a 14-year-old scrolling through TikTok while ripping a Juul
  • Scout locations for abandoned tractors in overgrown fields
  • Maintain a strong inability to distinguish a hill from a mountain
  • Induce stress, confusion, and an overall feeling of stupidity with every image captured
  • Experiment with new angles for making traffic lights unrecognizable to the human eye
  • Have little to no depth perception
  • Identify and document crosswalks that emulate Escher drawings
  • Make viewers truly start to question if they actually could, in fact, be a robot
  • Manage our exclusive Jon Gosselin collection of blurry fire hydrants on cul-de-sac curbs
  • Pull influence from the optical illusion art of the 1990s: Magic Eye
  • Frame simple shots into convoluted messes through sheer dimwit (or an overpriced art degree)
  • Chase and photograph ambulances as if a scandal-ridden celebrity is in the back of each and every one.
  • Bushwack through the concrete jungle with your camera on burst mode
  • Have an eye for composition that is sure to include a tiny corner of a traffic light in multiple squares
  • Show off your colorblindness by capturing scenes where the focal point blends almost entirely into the background
  • Possess at least one functional finger
  • Communicate with colleagues using AOL instant messenger and a cracked Motorola Razor phone
  • Submit monthly expense reports for your fuel, Monster energy drinks, and Nicorette
  • Flexibility to cover night shifts at Mike’s Internet Cafe