Why, hello Jack and good morning! Yes, it is strange that I know your name, seeing as how we’ve never met! Strange and wonderful! And where are you off to this fine morning?

Selling your mother’s only cow! What a helpful son you are! And because you are so helpful, I have a special deal for such a good boy like you!

Forget about magic beans, I will trade you these NFTs for your mother’s only cow!

Three rare and valuable NFTs to be exact, young man. One, two, three! So magical are they, that if you purchase them now, by tomorrow they’ll be worth thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars! And because you're such a good boy, they're all yours in trade for that old milking cow.

What? You’ve never heard of an NFT? How strange! They’re quite the rage! It stands for Non-Fungible Token!! What does fungible mean? My dear lad, do not concern yourself with such unnecessary details!

Yes, yes, I’d be happy to explain further! You see, my dear boy, most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dogecoin, but you knew that didn’t you?

But did you know Etherium’s blockchain also supports NFTs, which store extra information that makes them special. Much like your dear Bessie here stores delicious sweet milk in her swollen and pendulous udders!

You see, it’s all quite simple!

Sigh. No. It’s quite alright, I’m happy to drill down on this for you. You see, NFTs can really be anything digital! That is why I’m happy to offer you these three valuable NFTs! The first is a meme featuring Logan Paul on the toilet. The second is a video of NyanCan on the toilet. And the third is this 8-Bit icon of a monkey wearing sunglasses! Yes. He’s also on the toilet.

Rather than explaining what a Logan Paul, NyanCat or a toilet is… let’s just agree that, unlike livestock, the NFTs are rare and contain multitudes. A young, farmhand like yourself mustn't worry so about their complex nature!

No, please, ask away! I’m happy to answer your questions! Yes, you can make money! Just recently, a man paid 6.6 million dollars for an NFT by Beeple! Imagine selling one of these NFTs for that much! You could buy your dear mother the best butter churn in the realm for that kind of coin!

Yes, I admit that there are millions of copies of these doodads out in the world. And yes, anyone can copy them quite easily.

My, what pointed and salient questions from such a… smart young lad… dressed in rags! Ha ha!

Well, I guess the difference is that one person has the “original” and the others just have a “copy!” Think of it like art collecting. Anyone can buy a copy of the Mona Lisa, but only one person is special enough to own it! And that special person could be you! For the price of just one silly old milking cow!

No, I’m not saying Logan Paul on the Toilet is the same thing as a Mona Lisa.

No, I do realize that when it comes to digital art, a copy is just as good as the original.

Wow. You are a clever little boy, with an unusually keen grasp of economics, Jack!

Yes, yes, I realize that whoever owns a DaVinci can appreciate it as a “physical object” and who knows if computers as we know them will even exist in another 50 years, making the digital art market risky.

But isn’t cow ownership also risky, my boy? Who's to say Bessie isn’t tainted with Mad Cow disease or that she won’t kick over a lantern and burn your house down?

Look Jack, I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture! Imagine the sheer flex of owning the ORIGINAL Logan Paul on the Toilet NFT! You could buy a whole herd of milking cows!

Fine, I can see that you clearly aren’t ready to embrace Web 3.0. Keep your silly cow.

No need to insult my mother, dear boy. I’ll take my NFTs elsewhere. Perhaps you can point me to that boy James who stumbled into owning a rather Giant Peach? He looked like a rube ripe for the plucking.