James Blunt – Where did the one hit wonder “You’re Beautiful” singer go? Well, did he ever consider how the woman would feel about an incredibly strange, incredibly stoned dude squawking that she’s beautiful at her from across the train station?

Low rise jeans – Out of style, out of mind, and out of taking up women’s time in the workplace having to pull them up every five god damn seconds.

Harvey Weinstein’s walker – It’s a new one. They bought him a second after the first creeper stroller mysteriously disappeared the day Senator Warren held a fundraiser in New York.

The collective remembrance of Zedd producing Maren Morris’ dance pop breakout hit “The Middle” – SHE DESERVES ALL OF THE CREDIT! THEY DO THE SAME BEAT OVER AND OVER!

Fred Armisen – When’s the last time anyone’s seen Carrie Brownstein with him and not another woman?

Howard Schultz – Have you ever seen a presidential campaign just disappear like that? Well, probably several times this presidential primary cycle, but that dude straight up vaporized after using his own enormous wealth to try and legitimize himself as a potential president. Remind you of what happened to anyone named… Mike?

Margaret Thatcher – Notice you haven’t heard a peep from her since April 8, 2013? Women can also be agents of the patriarchy, too, you know. They can also v a n i s h!

Lance Armstrong – No one hurts feminist bass playing icon Sheryl Crow like that… and lives to tell the tale. If it makes you happy, why the hell are you so dead?

That guy who catcalled me on my way to work that one time – Haven’t seen him since. Coincidence? I think not. Elizabeth called a supporter in my county later that day.

Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy – Guy was a misogynistic douche who constantly stifled Meredith Grey’s potential. Meredith earned her seat at the surgery table, Derek!