1. Thousands of workers are found in compounds around the world.
  2. Workers basically only exist to serve one eccentric leader.
  3. Sometimes the leader thinks they can fly.
  4. Workers must work as fast as they can with barely any breaks.
  5. They’re treated like machines that can work forever with hardly any food or water.
  6. Workers spend most of their time in a line.
  7. Their work life is so interesting, people are constantly studying it.
  8. The work is so hard and never-ending, many never have offspring.
  9. Division of labor is understood and will last for the entire life cycle of the worker.
  10. Workers do not pee on the job.
  11. Excessive weather conditions will not slow down any worker.
  12. The arduous work can drastically reduce their lifespans.
  13. If any part of the compound is destroyed, workers will continue to work at the normal, furious pace.
  14. No chewing gum.
  15. Workers do not talk about those that have died on the job; they will just go back to work.
  16. No unions.

1-15: Worker ants
1-15: Amazon employees