Childhood Dream: Be rich.
Adult Revision: Know what a dividend is.

Childhood Dream: Live in a mansion.
Adult Revision: Live next door to someone who doesn’t own a leaf blower.

Childhood Dream: Stay up all night.
Adult Revision: Go to bed at 9:30 PM without needing a podcast to suppress your thoughts.

Childhood Dream: Play in the NBA.
Adult Revision: Walk past a game of pickup basketball. When the ball rolls to your feet, throw it far enough that it makes it over the fence.

Childhood Dream: Become a fashion icon.
Adult Revision: Remember to wax your toe hair before you put on sandals.

Childhood Dream: Eat candy all day.
Adult Revision: Suck on a Werther’s without feeling a cavity coming on the moment its hard caramel hits your teeth.

Childhood Dream: Travel the world.
Adult Revision: Talk about traveling the world.

Childhood Dream: Save the world.
Adult Revision: Get angry at humanity while watching a documentary, then fall asleep.

Childhood Dream: Rule the world.
Adult Revision: Google pictures of corgis.

Childhood Dream: Go to space.
Adult Revision: Find a quiet space in your house and do nothing.

Childhood Dream: Marry a movie star.
Adult Revision: Be the first of your friends to remember the name of that actor who played John Tucker in John Tucker Must Die.

Childhood Dream: Have the power to fly.
Adult Revision: Have enough upper body strength to do the monkey bars.