What was the name of your 9th grade best friend?

What was the last name of that English teacher whose ass you always kissed?

Name the beach where our families vacationed together when we were 12 and I kept introducing you as my servant.

What nickname did I give you because of your bushy hair that looked like a bird's nest?

Name the make and model of the loud, rusty car your dad picked you up from school in.

What was the name of your totally real boyfriend who lived in Canada and was a “star fencer”?

What year did your “best” friend ditch you at lunch to sit with Lisa Castalucci?

Name the basketball forward I SWORE had a crush on you, even though he would NEVER.

Solve this Captcha: Select all the photos of the epic parties you weren’t invited to.

What was the number of the locker where I left you anonymous notes saying you’d be pretty if you washed your face?

Name the soccer player I forced to ask you out on a pity date.

Who was the popular girl that always copied your homework and still became a dermatologist?

What year did you remove that acne scar shaped like Mikhail Gorbachev?

What color did you dye your hair that looked like poop?

Which birthday were you celebrating when I surprised you with a free lip waxing?

What year of high school did you win that state-wide essay contest like a pathetic loser?

What street did you live on when I made out with your boyfriend (the real one) at Carmike Cinema?

Name the diner where you started hanging out with those punk rock freaks.

Solve this Captcha: Select the image of the Dairy Queen where I ran into you when my parents got divorced, and you asked if I was okay and I was like, “Uggggggh. Stop being so dramatic.”

Name the ska band you went to see instead of coming to the one party you were actually invited to.

Name that mohawked loser you took to senior prom.

What boring, uptight college were you attending when you stopped talking to me?

Error: Incorrect response to Security Question 1: What was the name of your 9th grade best friend? Why didn’t you say Beth?